LD Group


Thursday Evening Adult Arts & Drama Group for Adults with Learning Disabilities
6-8pm on Thursdays at CHCC


The Art & Drama group is for young adults aged 18-25 with learning difficulties who live in Barking  & Dagenham. Established in October 2013, the group has gone from strength to strength,  developing new skills, making great friendships and creating wonderful artistic outcomes. The group have so far created a short film based on the theme of journeys, performed a short piece of  theatre for friends and family around the theme of power and influence, and attended a trip to  the Unicorn Theatre.


The Thursday evening Adult Art & Drama group takes part in a range of activities including drama, dance and visual art. Each week we play a range of games to get to know each other and improve communication and teamwork skills. We then move on to creating work from a range of stimuli, often using improvisation and encouraging group members to shape the direction of the sessions.


Recently we have been working on the themes of loneliness and friendship, and writing our own fairy tales. We are preparing for an informal sharing of work in June which will include a number of movement sequences we have devised on these themes, as well as an inventive presentation of a fairytale story the group has created using the mediums of tableaux, photography, comic-strip and collage!


Questions? Interested in joining? Contact Nikki at

We know that being involved with the arts as a participant or as a viewer can have a profound effect on people's lives; whether it is running a film project for young people at risk of exclusion or giving adults with learning difficulties the chance to create stories and perform in front of an audience, we know that life is made more enjoyable and rewarding when we spend time doing something creative with a group of friends, old and new.If you believe the arts are as important as we do, please consider making a small donation. We appreciate your continued support!