CHILDREN’S ARTS GROUP (Art, Drama & Dance)

Green Shoes Children’s Arts Group (Art, Drama & Dance) (2015 Schedule)
(Term Time Only) 1.5 hours each
Facilitated by: Claire Stone & Jenny Whittaker

An open arts group for children to explore art, dance and drama, making individual pieces and group work together.

A fun space to play, ask questions, discover art, drama and dance, and try new things. Once a week on Saturdays, trying different things each week. Making individual pieces and group work together, we aim to give the kids a chance to explore their creativity in lots of different ways! We also aspire to build a friendly, caring group where they can feel comfortable, fun and supported to experiment in the arts.


We know that being involved with the arts as a participant or as a viewer can have a profound effect on people's lives; whether it is running a film project for young people at risk of exclusion or giving adults with learning difficulties the chance to create stories and perform in front of an audience, we know that life is made more enjoyable and rewarding when we spend time doing something creative with a group of friends, old and new.If you believe the arts are as important as we do, please consider making a small donation. We appreciate your continued support!