Rising Stars Youth Theatre – Seniors

Throughout this year the youth theatre set themselves a new challenge every term.

Throughout this year the youth theatre set themselves a new challenge every term.


During the summer term, the group developed scratch drama & dance performances, short films and music pieces in response to the London riots. The group were angry at the negative portrayal of young people in the media and used fairytales to highlight the overly simplistic reporting which identified ‘goodies and baddies’.


During the autumn term, Rising Stars developed a promenade murder mystery performance at Eastbury Manor House in Barking. They led all aspects of the production including documentation, costume, make up and stage management. In the process of this many participants gained the next level of Arts Award.


During the Spring Term, the group worked towards a performance which would combine with the other GSA on-­‐going groups for our annual event at the Broadway Theatre in Barking. Dividing into three groups, they used Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as a stimulus to create three funny, insightful and high quality short plays.

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