Over 100 members of the Tower Hamlets community spent months creating three new mosaics for their local area.

They have been installed on walls in the Goodman Fields development: one inside the Ceylon House building on Alie Street, and one on an external wall of the Goldpence Apartments building on Buckle Street.

A larger mosaic, featuring a collage of local landmarks and symbols, is outside the Christian Street Community Hub, in the paving adjacent to Rope Walk Gardens.

The mosaics were created through the SocietyLinks’ Creative Communities project. In 2018 SocietyLinks received funding from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. A key part of the project was to produce three community mosaics, created by local residents, to be installed in public locations around Whitechapel. Green Shoes Arts createD the 3 mosaics with local residents. Residents learnt mosaic-making techniques (tile cutting, gluing, grouting), and designed and created the final pieces.

Children and adults worked together on the project, working on different parts of the design.

Mayor John Biggs unveiled the mosaic on the ground outside the Christian Street Community Hub in Whitechapel.