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Welcome to the Green House!

In each room of the Green House you will find lots of fun and creative activities from Green Shoes’ artists and across the web. You can find out more about each room below, then click on the signs in the picture to enter the rooms and see what you can get up to this month.

New activities added regularly!

Sofa Stage: Jump on the Sofa Stage and release your inner performer! Here are a few activities from Green Shoes Artists , as well as links to other resources and some professional theatre shows being streamed online!

Bathroom Acoustics: Sing as if you’re in the shower with our music activities here in the Bathroom Acoustics room!

Kitchen Creations: What can you whip up in our Kitchen Creation Station?? Use your imagination to mix up your days with our selection of arts and craft activities!

Bedroom Hideout: It’s time to put your gadgets  into action with some Tech Arts. Make a film, get creative taking photographs , or even learn how to code for fun  in the Bedroom Hideout.

Tranquil Garden: Open the windows and doors and discover the great outdoors, without going far. Unwind with a visit to our Tranquil Garden and its nature based activities. 

Lofty Ideas: Up in the loft you’ll find arts to help you relax, in this calm and thoughtful space. With activities sourced and designed to breathe a little bit of calm into your day, join us to draw, write and be kind to ourselves.   . 

Come and join the Green Shoes Arts Support and Creative Group on Facebook!

This private Facebook group has been created for members of Green Shoes Arts, and is managed by the Green Shoes Arts Team. The aim of the group is to provide a platform to give ideas and inspiration for things you can create at home. It is a supportive space to share your creations in a safe and friendly environment.

Parents please do not allow your children to use the group unattended  as per our social media guidelines. Any participants under the age of 18, or those under age 25 with learning disabilities, shall not be permitted to access this group using their profile for safeguarding purposes. 


We are really excited to announce the second of three of our short adult courses that we are running throughout July!! 

‘Creative 4 Life’s’ second from-home course is “Performance Making” with the brilliant Bex, Danielle, Nikki and Vicki. This will take place on Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st, and Friday 24th July.

If you have been feeling isolated, lonely or have been struggling with your mental health issues book a space on this new & exciting free course! If you’d like more information email – hurry as places are limited